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How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Active

Close up of seniors playing cards.

One common misconception about the normal aging process is that cognitive decline is an inevitable and unavoidable outcome. However, heathy mental aging is determined by many variants, including a person’s lifestyle. In fact, research suggests that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually and socially engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not.

This is why helping you stay mentally active is a focus at The Oaks at Denville. As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), we offer the activities and amenities you want to ensure successful mental aging. This post explores just a few ways we can help you stay mentally engaged and active.

5 Ways Your CCRC can Promote Mental Stimulation

1. Opportunities to Volunteer Your Talents: Whatever it may be – mentoring, organizing or simply giving up your time for the betterment of someone or something else – take time to volunteer and give to others. Residents Gloria and Thomas Feeheley share, “There are so many activities here, and we enjoy volunteering for a variety of them like the library, dining committee and other activities.” No matter your interests or abilities, there is an opportunity for you to engage in volunteerism.

2. Friendly Competition With Fellow Residents: All it takes is a deck of cards and a friend to enjoy the benefits of leisurely, yet stimulating, competition. Playing cards on a regular basis improves concentration, patience and logical thinking. Structured groups meet weekly for games including bridge and poker. Or get a few neighbors together yourself and play in one of our many open community areas.

3. New Things to Learn: Continuing education results in an active and stimulated mind. Take advantage of educational offerings at your CCRC and explore everything you can. Guest lecturers visit The Oaks weekly to discuss topics a variety of topics from the Revolutionary War to safe driving. You also have access to our community library, an educational hub filled with newspapers and books just waiting for you to dive into.

4. Access to New Hobbies: Now’s your time to learn an instrument or play a board game you’ve never tried before. Engaging your brain in new and invigorating ways improves memory and cognitive function, and learning something new is a rewarding experience.

5. Exciting Trivia Competitions: What’s the total number of dots on a pair of dice? Mount Everest is found in which mountain range? Learn these answers and more at Trivia Happy Hour. The Oaks offers a Trivia Happy Hour every Thursday, where friends come to quiz each other on knowledge while enjoying a cocktail. Not only will you keep your mind active with an exciting, fast-paced question and answer format, but you’ll also have fun while doing it.

Keep Your Mind Stimulated at The Oaks at Denville

Socialization and sharing experiences with others play a key role in maintaining your cognitive abilities. At The Oaks, you’ll be surrounded by intellectual individuals who delight in expanding their horizons. So not only will you have plenty of opportunities to stay mentally engaged, but you’ll enjoy stimulating company with neighbors and friends who are doing the same. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour.

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