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The Best Apps for Seniors Who Love a Good Road Trip

Group of happy senior friends on a roadtrip

After the cake has been cut, the flowers collected, and your final farewells delivered, what’s next? Your retirement party may feel like a final chapter, but it’s also the first step toward a new journey. That’s especially true if you’re looking forward to traveling as a retiree.

A road trip is a great way to tackle new adventures and see the country on your own terms. We’ve compiled some of the best road trip apps to help you start planning a fun retirement road trip and steer yourself toward the exciting destinations ahead.


5 Best Road Trip Apps for Seniors


  1.       Roadtrippers: Far more than basic route planning, this app is an all-around resource for creating a complete travel plan. We rank it as one of the best road trip apps because it gives you insight into the attractions that make your journey uniquely yours. In addition to basic info about the restaurants, parks, and other points of interest along the way, many include reviews so you can decide if it’s a stop worth making. The app is free for planning with up to seven stops; support for longer trips and additional features are available in a premium paid version.


  1.       PackPoint: Get on your way faster with this app, which can help you decide what to pack based on where you’re going, how long, the activities you have planned, and the forecast while you’re there. It’s one of the best road trip apps to ensure you’re well prepared for a great adventure. If you have travel companions, you can even share the resulting list so you can all pack more efficiently and effectively.


  1.       Waze: Unexpected traffic delays can put a damper on a road trip in a hurry, but this app helps you keep tabs on the latest traffic conditions. It can also help you keep tabs on your speed and even alert you if a speed trap lies ahead, making it one of the best road trip apps to help you avoid a ticket.


  1.       GasBuddy: At home, you probably have your favorite gas station and know which places tend to offer the best prices. On the road, you won’t have to wonder if you use this app. Aside from seeing the best prices along your route, you’ll also be able to see exactly where upcoming gas stations are located, so you don’t have to play a guessing game about whether you can make it to the next exit when your tank gets low.


  1.       Flush: It’s nearly impossible to enjoy the scenery when you’re dancing in your seat. This app is a must for a senior road trip. It helps you pinpoint the nearest public restroom so you can take care of business and get back to more comfortable cruising.


We Can Help with Worry-Free Travel


Making decisions about your retirement lifestyle isn’t just about choosing how you want to live when you’re in town; if traveling is a priority, you’ll also want to know what you can count on when you’re gone.

As a resident of an independent living community like The Oaks at Denville, you have the freedom to travel as you wish, with confidence that your home will remain secure in your absence. Maintenance needs will still be monitored, someone can keep an eye out for mail and packages, and when you return, you can expect to find your senior apartment safe and sound, just as you left it.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other retirees who may share your passion for travel and become sidekicks in your adventures. Make your first retirement trip a visit to The Oaks, where we can help get you on the right path toward the travel-rich retirement you’ve been anticipating.

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