Frequently Asked Questions About The Oaks at Denville Life Plan Community

To start a conversation, just use the form on this page or call 877-693-7650.

A Life Plan Community offers various levels of senior housing options and care services designed to meet residents’ specific needs. The Oaks at Denville is a nonprofit, full-service premier Life Plan Community in New Jersey providing a campus setting for active and vibrant seniors 62 and greater. We offer comfortable apartments, an engaging senior lifestyle, and access to healthcare in case your—or your spouse’s—health needs shift.

The Oaks at Denville is located within walking distance of downtown Denville, New Jersey, with charming local businesses, including shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The township is 35 miles west of Manhattan and is known for its lakes and waterways.

At The Oaks at Denville, as at all Life Plan Communities, you enter into a service agreement. This agreement gives you use of your home on The Oaks at Denville campus, as well as access to our array of services, amenities, and programs. It’s not a real estate transaction, so you don’t own your residence.

You can continue to enjoy your current interests, plus you’ll have many new cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities to explore. Take a trip to the Met, join a watercolor class, or play competitive bridge in a perfectly matched foursome. We also feature nightly entertainment, lively happy hours, fitness classes, discussion groups, and a wide array of volunteer opportunities.

Yes, compared to other area communities, we offer one of the most flexible dining choices you’ll find! Whether you choose casual bistro dining (available every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), or more traditional dinner dining, you’ll enjoy delicious healthful food. We also offer popular brunches and buffets throughout the week. Prefer to dine at home? Takeout is always available. And guests are always welcome!

Aside from our complimentary happy hours, you may bring wine or beer to dinner.

Friends and family are welcome to visit with you. Need more room? We offer a guest room for a small fee. All visitors are registered for the safety of all residents and guests.

Pets are part of our families. We accept well-behaved domestic pets. Please contact one of our team members for the details.

We have a financial qualifying process that’s conservative in nature and based on your age at entry, your assets, and your income. If, through no fault of your own, you someday can’t make your full monthly payment, the Springpoint Foundation offers a Resident Financial Assistance program to provide financial assistance on your behalf. Springpoint has never asked a resident to leave due to inability to pay.