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What are the Benefits of Hobbies?

A senior woman painting, one of the many enjoyable hobbies for seniors.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

While you could pass time by watching whatever is on T.V. or surfing the internet, it’s also important to fill leisure time with an activity you enjoy. Having a hobby is important for people at all ages, but it’s especially important for seniors who have the luxury of newly found free time. Hobbies offer both mental and physical health benefits, including:

  • An Opportunity to Socialize: Hobbies allow you to connect with people who hold similar interests to you, opening the door for engaging conversations and the opportunity for friendship.
  • An Avenue for Stress Relief: By participating in hobbies, you’re able to let go of negative emotions or the worries of everyday life and focus on something that you enjoy.
  • A New Challenge or Experience: Hobbies allow you to try something with little pressure and enjoy the process of learning something new.
  • A Way to Improve Physical Health: When we participate in physical activity that we enjoy, fitness can turn from something we “have to do” to something we genuinely appreciate.
  • A Better Sense of Purpose: Having an activity in your life that’s just for you and your happiness enriches your life.

Examples of Indoor Activities for Seniors

Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of hobbies for seniors to enjoy indoors:

1. Embrace Your Inner Artist

It’s time to pick up that paintbrush and get your creativity flowing. Whether it be a seasoned hobby or trying a new medium, art is a fantastic way to express yourself and enjoy time inside. Some artistic activities include painting, sculpture, music, poetry and dance. Plus, creative hobbies are just one way to keep your brain healthy as you age, so you’re also improving your memory and cognitive function.

2. Learn Something New

Is there a topic you’re interested in becoming an expert in, or have you considered learning a new language? If you want to spend some time indoors while still keeping your brain active, seek out something new. Not only will you improve your cognitive function, but you may also find a new favorite hobby along the way.

3. Immerse Yourself in a Good Book

Escape to a party with Gatsby or adventure with Captain Ahab in his pursuit of the white whale, all without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. Reading a good book is a fun way to spend time while keeping your brain engaged, whether it be through novels or the community newspaper that keeps you up to date of the latest happenings.

4. Get Moving at the Gym

While running or playing outdoor activities may not be ideal during cold months, winter is a great time to get into a new physical fitness routine at the gym. Whether it be lifting weights or walking on an indoor track, find a routine that works for you to keep your body moving.

Discover New Hobbies, or Reinvigorate Old Hobbies, at The Oaks at Denville

Whether it’s been a hobby you’ve enjoyed for some time or a new, exciting adventure you want to start, we fully encourage you to get involved and ignite your passions within The Oaks at Denville. From a library, fitness center, activities like discussion groups and more, there’s never a shortage of things for residents to do.

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