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Lap Swimming for Seniors: 12 Tips for a Better Workout

man swimming in pool

It may seem tedious, but swimming laps is a productive way to maintain fitness as you grow older. Breaststroke and backstroke enable you to work different muscles.

If you are not a skilled swimmer, you can do laps with a kickboard and still experience the benefits of the exercise. Just stay calm in the water and don’t become too preoccupied with your swimming speed.

Here are twelve tips for a better workout.

  1. Build it up

Swimming allows you to develop flexibility, build healthy bones, and burn body fat. Several different types of exercises have been improved for practice in the water. They include water yoga and water Pilates.

While the resistance of the water is enough to exercise muscles, you can also use weights to increase the effects of your movements.

  1. Safety

If you are starting a swimming exercise program at the age of 70 or above, you should first check with your doctor before you start wading in water. If you have asthma, high blood pressure, or lung disease, you should not exercise in water above your waist. Being in deep water increases the pressure on your heart, thus increasing your blood pressure. This, in turn, can cause difficulty breathing.

  1. Have enough time to warm up

Not taking the time to warm up at the beginning of an exercise session can cause pain in the joints and muscles. You can overcome shoulder pain by doing simple arm circles, both forward and backwards, and by lowering or raising the angle of your arm circles.

The reason for changing the angle of your arm circles is to keep the entire shoulder muscle group engaged in the exercise. Warming up the shoulders in this manner reduces the chances of pain or injury.

  1. Stretch before starting your workout

To help loosen tense muscles and minimize the chance of having cramps while swimming, you should always make sure you stretch your whole body before getting into the water. Drinking plenty of water and not drinking alcohol will also reduce the risk of cramps.

  1. Use training equipment carefully

Training equipment like swim fins and paddles can be practical tools to emphasize certain portions of your stroke while swimming. The disadvantage of this tool is that it increases the pressure applied to muscles and joints while swimming.

  1. Vary your workouts

To give different parts of your body the chance to develop while swimming, vary the duration, the distance, and the types of strokes of your exercise.

  1. Join dryland exercises

Dryland training can be an effective way of increasing your strength as a swimmer. It works wonders for swimmers who wants to be more powerful in the water.

  1. Focus on technique

It is only natural that you have less muscle mass, speed, and energy as you grow older. Refining your technique is essential to increasing your competence and combating the natural loss of physical ability.

  1. Compare yourself with other swimmers

Swimming is a competitive sport that involves comparing your performance with other swimmers. It is a tough habit to break if you are a competitive swimmer. However, swimming with others may be the spur you need to push harder than you would if you were swimming alone.

  1. Build confidence in the water

Build your confidence in the water gradually. It is good to ensure that you move at the right pace and execute strokes with the correct method and style. Developing swimming techniques will increase your strength and speed and this will boost your confidence.

  1. Learn first aid skills

Learning poolside first aid skills to help someone who has had an accident in or out of the pool is invaluable. Such skills can make the difference in unforeseen situations.

  1. Appreciate the experience

Enjoying swimming should be the first tip you need to become an avid swimmer. If you have negative perceptions about swimming, you will likely gain less from the experience. Your chances of developing a long-term swimming routine increase if you enjoy yourself.

Whether you love swimming, arts and crafts, 5K walking, or want to dance at your granddaughter’s wedding, The Oaks at Denville’s senior wellness program designs high-quality activities to help you get there. Contact us to find out more.

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