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Retirement Location Planning: Should You Move to be Closer to Your Kids?

Should You Choose a Retirement Community Near Loved Ones?

There are a lot of questions when deciding where to spend your retirement years. You may be dreaming of a warmer climate, or looking for a place where you can work on your golf game. Or, maybe your friends are moving and you’d like to join them. With all these decisions at hand, should you also consider distance from family when making the final call on your retirement location?

What to Consider When Moving

More and more families are moving away from each other, for jobs or new opportunities. Technology has made these moves easier, allowing people to stay connected, even from afar. But, when you reach your retirement years, how will this distance affect your relationships? Should you move to be closer to family? Here are a few things to consider when planning your next move:


Do you have grandkids that you want to watch grow up? If so, you may want to consider moving closer to where they live. Grandkids can be a huge blessing to grandparents, and can even help keep seniors young at heart. Missing out on watching them grow up, and helping shape them can be tough. Even though we have technology, it’s nothing compared to being there for their big moments.

Something to keep in mind before moving close is how often you want to be utilized for babysitting. If you do choose to live close to your family, make sure you set clear boundaries for when and how often you will watch your grandkids. Your retirement years should be enjoyed. Sometimes watching your grandkids can be more of a burden than a blessing, so be sure to set those boundaries and stick to them.


Relationships, especially those friendships that have spanned years, are vital to health and wellbeing as we age. Without these key relationships, staying social and active can be difficult. Where do your close friends plan to retire? If maintaining these friendships is important to you, you may want to consider their retirement location when choosing your own.
If you do plan on moving away from friends and family, find a place that works with your lifestyle. When looking into a senior living community, look for options that offer amenities and activities that will keep you active and help to facilitate friendships with your new neighbors.

Future Care Needs

As hard as it is to think about, but you may experience health difficulties as you age. Think about your future care needs when deciding on your retirement location. Will you need more care and more help from family as you age? If so, sticking near family can be helpful. Going from caretaker of your kids to being taken care of by them can be difficult, but having them by your side will bring comfort.

Joy & Happiness

One question that is hard for a lot of people to consider and answer is: what will make you most happy? Don’t put aside your feelings when deciding where to move next. Your overall mental health is a key factor in how well you’ll age. Maintaining positive mental health can keep you physically healthy too, slowing the onset of memory altering diseases.
A healthy relationship with your kids and grandkids is hard to walk away from. Being near your family and able to interact with them often can help you physically and emotionally, keeping your mind sharp and your spirit bright.

Find What You’re Looking for at The Oaks at Denville

Ultimately, where you retire is up to you. If you can’t imagine a life without your grandkids by your side, find a senior living community in their area. If being with family and friends, and making new friends along the way, is your goal, find a community that offers the amenities you’re looking for – it may be closer than you think.
The Oaks at Denville offers independent and assisted living options so you can live worry-free. With amenities like an on-site beauty salon and activities such as happy hours and watercolor classes, you’ll find all you need at The Oaks at Denville. To learn more about life at The Oaks at Denville, contact us today.

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