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Senior Living for Couples

Senior couple enjoying their lifestyle in a CCRC

Stay Together as You Age

Research from the U.S. Census Bureau has found the percentage of those aged 60 and over who reported being married has increased over the past several years. Couples are now living longer and aging together. With these longer lifespans, and individual care needs changing independent of the relationship, the marriage vow of “‘til death do us part” can become harder to keep in practice.

As couples age together, finding a living situation that meets both people’s needs becomes imperative. With changing, and sometimes challenging, care needs, the dynamic in the spousal relationship can change. One person may need daily care, while the other is still living an active lifestyle. Staying by our spouse’s side in sickness and in health can lead to one person becoming the primary caregiver for the other. This can put physical and emotional stress on the caregiver, who may be unequipped to provide the necessary care for their ailing spouse. Because changes in care needs can sometimes happen suddenly, it is important to create a plan well ahead of the needs arising.

Planning Your Retirement with Future Needs in Mind

Having a conversation with your spouse while you’re both active and independent will help you plan for a future you’ll both enjoy. The first step in creating a long-term plan for you and your spouse is to look ahead at future wants and needs. Finding out what you both desire in your retirement years, whether it’s improving your golf game or staying socially active, can help in the planning process. You’ll also want to take time to assess future care needs, keeping in mind that your needs may change as you age.

With the kids out of the house, downsizing may also be part of you and your spouse’s conversation. All that extra living space can turn into more maintenance than you’d like. Many couples, after working to raise and support a family, choose to move to a senior living community where they can fully enjoy their retirement years together.

Senior living communities offer many opportunities for social activities and events for those couples who are still living active, independent lives. You and your spouse can enjoy fitness and dance classes, game nights with new friends, or a date night at the movies. The calendar of events and activities offered at these communities is seemingly endless.

Senior living communities focus on worry-free living, allowing couples to enjoy their time together without the stress of home maintenance. Couples can feel comfortable in private apartments, while still benefiting from round the clock security and interior and exterior maintenance of their homes.

When, or if, care needs arise, senior living communities are equipped to provide the assistance needed. If only one spouse is in need of care, senior living staff is able to provide that care, allowing the other spouse to focus on being there in a supportive role for their partner. Should the need arise for one spouse to be moved to a higher level of care in a skilled nursing community, the couple are still able to remain together on the same campus.

Independent Living for Couples at The Oaks at Denville

Studies show that couples who move to senior living communities while they are healthy and active are more likely to stay that way for a longer period of time. Our continuing care retirement community in Denville, New Jersey offers a variety of independent living options to meet you and your spouse’s needs. With upgrades to our apartment homes such as quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances available, The Oaks at Denville allows you to create a space as unique as your relationship. Ready to learn more? Contact us to schedule a tour and discover all that The Oaks at Denville has to offer.

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