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Senior Living Tech Trends: 6 Top Recommended Gadgets

Senior couple watching the video using the VR headset

When technology is designed to help make your life a little easier (or more fun!), learning to use a new gadget, app or tool is worth the trouble. Here are 6 of useful, interesting, and cool innovations that are perfect for seniors or those who support them. 

  1. Memo Box 7 Day Pillbox 

Staying independent longer is the goal with this pillbox from Tinylogics. The Memo Box 7 Day Pillbox features a customizable schedule with visual and sound notifications that remind seniors to take their medication.

The pillbox is connected to an application that tracks medication intake in real time and shares it with caregivers. It also comes with a built-in double-dose warning, making this a helpful addition for seniors with memory concerns, and a “misplace alert” so you won’t leave home without it.

  1. iRobot Wi-Fi-Connected Roomba 694 

Keep your floors clean without lifting a finger – the Roomba is a smartphone-controlled electronic vacuum. This entry-level gadget is priced right and easy to get up and running. The intuitive scheduling app even allows you to limit the device’s running time to evenings or moments when you are away from the house.

  1. Tile Tags and Stickers 

Little items like remotes or keys get misplaced all the time. With a Tile Tags and Stickers, you can rest easy knowing that this smart technology will help you locate even the smallest items quickly.

The Tag comes with a hole so that you can easily attach it to a keyring or purse handle, while the Sticker uses adhesive to stick to just about anything you need to keep track of. An app helps you locate the missing items. Tiles’ long-lasting batteries, sound alerts and voice-activated commands make this nifty piece of technology a consumer favorite.

  1. GPS SmartSole 

A tiny GPS tracker in an insole fitted into any shoe is perfect to help locate a loved one that may wander. Users are geo-located, with updates and alerts sent to loved ones.

The SmartSole uses a small rechargeable battery that generally lasts a couple days on a single charge. The product comes with a monthly subscription monitoring service.

  1. Ring Doorbell

These handy video doorbells alert users when someone has come into view, producing video and sound for connected homeowners. They’re perfect to use with seniors who have mobility issues or for extra safety precautions.

Although many similar devices exist on the market, Ring remains the best-selling option. PCMAG names Ring as their top choice in this category, stating that “one easy way to safeguard your residence against property theft, home invasion, porch pirates, and unwanted solicitors is to identify who is at your doorstep before you open the door.”

  1. ORKA Talking Alarm Clock 

Hearing a generic alarm sound is not as helpful as an audible voice reminder. The ORKA Talking Alarm Clock can be programmed with up to eight voice alarms recorded with a user’s or caretaker’s voice. It also comes with an oversized LED display as well as a 30-minute loop that will replay messages until it is turned off.

The ORKA is ideal for seniors who need a little extra support, or anyone who would enjoy hearing a loved one’s voice every day.

Smartphone apps to try 

With new smartphone applications coming out every day, there are always plenty of options for seniors to try. Here are three of our favorites, which work on Apple and Android phones:

Monitor your blood pressure, make notes to share with your provider and use the built-in evaluation tools to help you understand your reports.

“Train your brain” through this app’s wide variety of fun and engaging brain games that entertain while keeping your mind active.

This handy app not only enlarges but also gives off a bright light to help you see restaurant menus, newspaper print or any other small text. Better than an old-fashioned magnifying glass, this app is sure to become a favorite tech assistant.

Independence comes in many forms, and independent living at The Oaks at Denville honors them all. The only way to truly appreciate all we have to offer is to come and experience it for yourself. Schedule a visit today.

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