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Studio Apartment Design Ideas: How to Live Big in a Smaller Space

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You’ve found the perfect place to spend your retirement years. A cozy studio apartment with an inviting open floor plan is just waiting for you to add your personal touches and settle into the lifestyle you’ve been imagining.

Except … wait. You’re not quite sure how to decorate this new space and make it feel like home.

Here are five tips that show you how to decorate a studio apartment to achieve big style and function in a not-so-big space:


1. Put your furniture to work.

You’ll quickly discover one of the most important pieces of advice for how to decorate a studio apartment is to use your space wisely, and that is especially true when it comes to your furniture. A bed with built-in drawers below ensures you’re taking advantage of every inch of possible storage space. You might even consider choosing a bed style that doubles as a couch or lounge area by day and sleeping nest at night. More studio apartment ideas to make your furniture earn its keep include seating that doubles as storage, such as a window bench or ottoman, or a floor lamp with integrated shelving.


2. Invite in plenty of light.

Another idea for how to decorate a studio apartment is relying on the brightening effect of natural light to make rooms feel bigger. During the day, when you’re less concerned about privacy, skip the blinds and window coverings and let that light shine. Use soft-colored window treatments and linens to carry the bright, airy look, and if possible, hang some mirrors to help reflect and bounce the light into other parts of the living space.


3. Create distinct functional areas.

Even if your senior apartment is one big open living space, you can still create well-defined areas for specific purposes. You may not have formal walls but placing a bold rug under a small table and chairs is an easy and effective way to set your dining space apart from the rest of the room. If you prefer more formal division between your “rooms,” one clever apartment decorating idea is using functional dividers like bookshelves to separate one area from the next.


4. Go vertical to extend your usable space.

When you’re thinking about how to decorate a studio apartment, remember your footprint isn’t limited to the floor. You can also make use of the walls to incorporate color, texture, and even storage space. Using elements like peg boards, shelving, and attractive containers in colors that complement your decor, you can easily add more functional storage that brings additional visual appeal to the room.


5. Add personal touches to make it uniquely yours.

When you downsize into an apartment, the personal effects and mementos you keep become more precious than ever. A senior apartment decorating idea many older adults enjoy is shadow boxes filled with memories of special people and places in their lives. You might create a cozy reading nook or add a craft corner where you can scrapbook or work on puzzles. Picture frames, familiar knickknacks, and other homey touches like plants all help create a welcoming place you’ll be proud to call home.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong approach when you’re planning how to decorate a studio apartment. Your space should simply reflect you and the ways you want to use it. The best decorating style is the style that makes your new home a comfortable place for you to enjoy your retirement lifestyle.


Start Your Own Decorating Adventure

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