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Top 10 Summer Foods for Seniors

Veggie kabobs on a grill.

What’s in Season?: Best Summer Foods

Food fuels our bodies, so it’s important to enjoy well-balanced meals. One way to ensure proper nutrition is to base your grocery list on what produce is in season. Many popular warm-weather foods are nutritionally dense, offering the added bonus of helping you get the vitamins and nutrients you need to remain healthy. At The Oaks at Denville, we’ve compiled this list of some of the best summer foods to keep you healthy.

Top 10 Summer Foods for Health, Taste

  1. Watermelon: A low-calorie treat, watermelon is sweetest in the summertime and offers a variety of health benefits, including a decreased risk of cancer thanks to the antioxidant lycopene. Meal Tip: Add watermelon, blueberries, lime juice and ice in a blender to make a nutrient-rich frozen drink.
  2. Summer Squash: These nutrition-packed veggies are high in vitamins A, B6, and C, folate, magnesium, fiber, riboflavin, phosphorus and potassium. Meal Tip: Sauté summer squash with garlic, onion, olive oil, salt and pepper for a quick and easy side dish.
  3. Basil: This fragrant herb can be used in the treatment of arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also is rich in vitamins A, K and C, magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium. Meal Tip: Add chopped basil to lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped carrots and balsamic vinaigrette for a tasty side salad.
  4. Strawberries: These summer treats are packed with fiber, folate and potassium. You only need to eat about three servings of strawberries a week to see its health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, a strengthened immune system and enhanced brain health. Meal Tip: Add strawberries to your favorite salad for a sweet health boost.
  5. Blueberries: Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, believed to have the highest levels among fruits and vegetables. Consumption of blueberries, along with strawberries, is especially linked to improved cardiovascular health. One study found that eating berries decreased your risk of heart attack by up to 34%. Meal Tip: Blueberries, granola, low-fat Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon make a quick breakfast that will fuel you for the day.
  6. Sweet Corn: This summertime staple is a great source many nutrients, including fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Meal Tip: Grill your corn with butter and seasonings, like garlic or chili powder, for a smoky flavor reminiscent of a summer BBQ.
  7. Tomatoes: Along with watermelon, tomatoes are a major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene. They are also a great source of vitamin C and potassium, which is important for those suffering from a potassium deficiency sometimes brought on by blood pressure medications. Meal Tip: Making fresh tomato sauce is an easy way to help hearty pasta feel light and avoid added sugars from jars you buy at the store.
  8. Bell peppers: Served either raw or cooked, bell peppers are loaded with vitamins and minerals. One medium-sized red bell pepper provides 169% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, making it one of the richest dietary sources of this essential nutrient. Meal Tip: Simply slice peppers to dip into hummus for an easy, healthy snack.
  9. Peaches: This low-calorie, juicy indulgence is a great source of vitamin C, which helps build connective tissue and strengthens the immune system. Meal Tip: Dicing peaches into fresh salsa adds sweetness and pairs nicely with cooked fish.
  10. Eggplant: Eggplants are high in antioxidants and are a nutrient-dense food, meaning they contain a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber in few calories. Meal Tip: Replace traditional noodles with eggplant in your lasagna dish.

Enjoy Healthy Meals All Year at The Oaks at Denville

We at The Oaks at Denville are committed to quality service, and our dining team is no exception. Our chefs ensure the freshest, most nutritionally beneficial ingredients are offered by focusing menus around seasonal produce. We’d love for you to join us for a meal – contact us today to schedule your personal tour.

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