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How to Make Your Walk-in Closet Feel Luxurious

luxurious walk-in closet

A luxurious closet can be the crowning jewel of an incredible floor plan. It may be underrated, but it’s one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you start and end each day and, after all, when you look good, you feel good.

It’s easy to transform a basic closet into an awe-inspiring dressing room. All you need is the right space and a bit of inspiration with some walk-in closet ideas that add glamour and function.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach a closet makeover; it’s all about making the closet space work for you. Do you need more storage and organization? Would seating make it a more functional dressing room? Do you have a healthy wardrobe that needs proper hanging and care? 

These walk-in closet ideas will get you thinking about how to create a custom closet space so inviting you’ll risk running late while you linger over getting ready. 

Dress it up. One of the first and easiest ways to introduce a little luxury is to add some color. Closets are often left neutral or even all-over white. That’s good news in that it’s a blank slate, but it’s too bland and boring for a stylish space. You can approach the wall color in multiple ways, whether it’s a bold accent wall or peek-a-boo color behind the organizing shelves.

Make simple upgrades. Another easy walk-in closet idea is updating the lighting. Swap out a basic bulb or dome for a stylish fixture or even a small chandelier that delivers instant elegance. Similarly, a tiny bit of custom woodwork, such as crown molding at the ceilings, gives some custom flair with minimal fuss or expense.

Accessorize. If you have extra shelf or wall space, accessorize with personal trinkets and art that add character and charm. A chic gilded mirror brings further dimension, while you can replace pulls on drawers and cabinets with metallic or bejeweled accents for an unexpected shimmer.

Get organized. A closet can quickly become cluttered without the right organization. Some practical closet organization ideas include drawer insets, cabinets to keep removable laundry baskets out of sight, storage bins, and sliding racks for accessories like ties, long scarves, and jewelry. 

Add practical pieces. Especially if you tire easily or need to sit while dressing, adding a chair or bench is a walk-in closet idea that can make the room more comfortable and accessible. If space allows, a cushy velvet chair could lend a regal vibe, or if you need additional storage ideas to maximize the space, consider positioning a storage bench as an island in the center of the closet.

Choose clean lines. Whether you opt for cabinetry-style storage or an unassuming wire system, keep lines sleek and simple so they blend cohesively into the overall design.   

Don’t forget finishing accents. Little details add up to big differences. You can set a mood with under-shelf lighting that accentuates a particular feature of the closet, such as a shoe display rack. Task lighting brings function to a dressing or vanity area, while other small touches like a vase with fresh cut flowers bring natural beauty to the space, along with an inviting floral scent.

Senior Apartments with Exceptional Closet Space

If you’re wondering where you might find a senior apartment with the space necessary to create a luxury closet, look no further than The Oaks at Denville, where nearly every floor plan offers at least one sizable walk-in closet. Contact us to arrange a tour so you can start envisioning how you’ll bring these walk-in closet ideas to life. 

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