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Why Is It Important to Stay Active in Our Retirement Years?

An active senior couple on a hiking trail.

Living an active and healthy life requires incorporating exercise in our daily routines in a way that works for you. This could include a variety of activities such as riding your bike to the grocery store rather than driving, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to an appointment. Doing these activities three to four times a week can greatly improve your wellbeing.

When you choose to stay physically active, you’re creating a positive effect on your physical and mental health. That means receiving benefits such as weight management, lower blood pressure, fewer risks of depression and more. In fact, routine exercise can add years to your life.

At The Oaks at Denville, we offer engaging programs because we understand the importance of living an active lifestyle. Below, learn about how to stay active right on our campus.

How The Oaks at Denville Creates Active Living Opportunities

LivWell is our award-winning holistic wellness program which goes beyond standard healthy living activities. Instead, this program focuses on each of the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and vocational. Our team members go through specialized training so they can work with each resident to develop our campus activities.

The Oaks at Denville also offers an array of amenities so every resident can live an active lifestyle. Our indoor heated pool makes it easy to participate in low impact exercise that improves your cardiovascular health. You can free-swim independently or join in a water aerobics class led by the campus fitness coordinator. If you’d rather not participate in water exercises, our instructors lead fitness classes to help you stay in shape. And with continued renovations, we’ll soon have a state-of-the-art fitness center available to all residents.

The best part about the LivWell program is that every activity you participate in is your choice. We’ve designed it to be a personalized approach so there’s always something made for your interests. When you move to our community, we invite you to complete a questionnaire so you can better recognize the goals that are most important to you. Our staff members can also take that information to help you find the right activities and programs in the community to help you achieve those goals.

Live an Active and Healthy Life at The Oaks at Denville

Thanks to the LivWell program, everything we do at The Oaks at Denville is rooted in wellness. Contact us now to learn more about creating an active lifestyle with us or to schedule your individual tour.

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